Employees are one of our most important investments for any business. By investing in employees companies dedicate their time, money and support, especially in the beginning. And because of this it is easy to understand that employees are the foundation of all businesses and it is instrumental for any company to keep their valued employees for as long as possible.

Keeping employees happy is exactly how to keep them with the company. But happiness is such a general term. Let’s dissect what happiness truly means in the workplace  to understand exactly what makes an employee loyal to a business they work for.


People like to grow. It gives them a sense of ambition and accomplishment. With this being stated allow employees to have vertical growth within the company. Furthermore, when an employee gets a higher position it is important that their salaries reflect their new title.


No one ever likes to choose work over family. Sometimes this decisions is unavoidable but most of the time one can rearrange their schedule to deal with both work and family related tasks. Allow employees to have some flexibility with their time. If they have an urgent situation let them tend to that event. By giving an employee this support they will not have to struggle between choosing their family (which is the most important thing to them) over their work.


Like in any relationship, communication is key for a healthy environment. Companies need to create an environment where employees feel secure in addressing their  concerns and needs. Also, place importance on meetings where everyone’s thoughts and ideas are heard and appreciated.

Positivity and Gratitude

These two traits will create a climate of pride and positive acknowledgement. To do this it is always important for the heads of the business to go a little out of their way to regularly greet all their employees as well as acknowledge their accomplishments with a “thank you.”

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