6.9 million passenger cars were sold in the U.S. in 2016. With this statistic it is easy to understand that the automobile industry isn’t going anywhere. It is a business that is constantly evolving as well as being an industry where it is based on necessity, making it always in demand.


Auto Mechanics:

If you are a problem solver this is the job for you. Repairing cars can be a steady job due to the fact that cars will always need to be kept up with requiring constant care and maintenance . The median salary for an auto mechanic in 2015 was $37,850 and at the higher end auto mechanics made over $60,000 annually.



This is a position for a person that loves both cars and people. Typically income earned is based on commision so it is a job where one has to hustle. Because it is based on commision it is hard to determine how much a salesperson can make. But often times the top salesman at a dealership can end up earning around 80,000 a year.


Internet Marketer:

The car industry is becoming more and more internet driven. And because of this internet marketers are becoming more and more utilized by both dealerships and consumers. This is seen where 75% of car buyers will use the internet for product research before even entering a dealership. If you are interested in this position it is important to be both internet savvy as well as great at communication.


Car Dealership Manager:

If you like managing as well as working with people for their ideal car that fits both their needs and budget then being a manager at a car dealership may be the perfect career. This position often requires that you first have background experience in the car industry, usually as a sales person. Furthermore, a bachelors in either accounting and finance or management is a big plus. This job can be stressful but it does come with the benefit of a great paycheck with the mean salary of a car dealership manager being $133,000 a year.


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