Create a Vision that Outlasts the Company

Think of companies that have die-hard followers and fanatic employees. Companies like Apple and Tesla seem to demand unreasonable expectations, long hours, and little recognition. How is it that the employees of these companies are passionate and driven to make their company succeed? These companies have one thing in common: Vision! The vision of these companies is not just to get the 8-hour work day completed efficiently, but to change the world as we know it. The companies that create a vision larger than their own bottom line instill a sense of loyalty. Vision alone is not enough to keep people passionate, engaged, and satisfied though. This is were culture is key!

Culture Integration

A transformational vision that people can get behind is essential, but not without integration of the employees into that vision. Companies need to analyze the skill set of their employees and match those skills with the employees’ role. Each employee must understand how they fit into the vision and overall success of the company. Setting specific, measurable, and clear goals that employees can achieve keeps them engaged in the process.

Stop Recognizing Results Only

Once a company has created a culture that embraces the process and everyone understands their role, the results will follow. A common mistake companies make is only recognizing results or high production. When acknowledgement is only given to the end goal, the process to make it to that goal can get sloppy. Recognizing the strong efforts of employees that focus on efficiency as well as quality ensure that no one gets a pat on the back for just crossing the finishing line first.

Employee-Driven Satisfaction

Companies that have taken all of these steps and fail to see results will benefit from taking an internal company survey on a regular basis until the results indicate success. The larger and organization gets, the more difficult it is to know the morale level of the employees. Taking a survey and addressing areas of employee frustration gives a voice to the employees and a sense of ownership. When people feel that they are not only heard, but understood and respected, they are much more willing to take on the extra load of expectations to reach the companies vision.

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