When searching for a new automotive industry job, you typically bypass openings at your current level at because you’re looking to climb the ladder. However, this isn’t always the best strategy. Sometimes a lateral move is exactly what you need, even if it’s not a formal step up.

Below are four reasons you shouldn’t necessarily rule out opportunities similar in nature to your current position.

Gain Skills and Experience in the Automotive Industry

No two jobs are the same. A comparable position at a different company will provide you with an entirely new set of skills and experience. This will make your resume more well-rounded, so when you’re ready to make your next move, you’ll be even more marketable. Of course, some of your skills will transfer from your previous job, but they’ll just make you shine even brighter.

Make New Connections

Who you know is everything in business. Starting a job at a new organization will put you in contact with people you otherwise never would’ve met. Expanding your network could open doors to opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible had you not met these people. This might change your entire career trajectory for the better.

Try Out a New Company Culture

It’s hard to know what your ideal work situation is until you’ve found it. You’re content with your current employer, but things could be better. Accepting a lateral position with a different company gives you the chance to experience a different work environment. You might find the new place is the type of culture you’ve been searching for your entire career.

Change Your Life for the Better

If your current job has some major drawbacks — e.g., a mean boss or no work-life balance — accepting a lateral position elsewhere will allow you to continue doing the type of work you enjoy, but boost your quality of life. You can’t put a price on happiness. Having lower stress levels or more time to spend with your family will be a life-changing experience.

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