After an exhaustive search, it feels great to finally fill the opening on your team with a candidate who checks all your boxes. Now that their offer letter has been signed and a start date has been set, you might think your work is finished, but it has just begun.

Getting a new hire up to speed requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If left to their own devices, they’ll likely feel lost and unappreciated, which could cause them to quit. You certainly don’t want that, so make an effort to show them how much they’re valued from day one.

5 Tips to Welcome a New Employee the Right Way

Have Their Work Area Ready

Everyone on your staff has a dedicated workspace, so if your new hire doesn’t have one, they’re going to feel awkward and uncomfortable. Show how excited you are to have them join the team by clearing a desk for them, getting them a nice chair, ordering them a computer — and having all necessary software applications installed on it — and arranging for any other accommodations need to get them off to a strong start.

Plan a Team Activity

Having a new employee join your staff is a big deal, so make them feel special by organizing a group lunch or happy hour. Even shy people enjoy having a bit of a fuss made over them. Plus, getting out of the office provides a more relaxed setting to help them start bonding with their new co-workers.

Create a 30-60-90 Day Plan

New hires aim to please, but they can’t read your mind. Get on the same page by making a 30-60-90-day plan, so they know exactly what you’d like them to accomplish during their first three months on the job. Having this plan will add depth to the training process, and the new hire will feel great not having to wonder if they’re meeting your expectations.

Pair Them With a Buddy

Getting acclimated to an unfamiliar work environment takes time, so ease the process by teaming the new hire with a seasoned employee. Having a point person to show them the ropes and go to with questions will ease a lot of stress, because many people don’t feel comfortable approaching the boss with a constant stream of questions.

Check In Regularly

As the boss, you have a busy schedule, but don’t forget to keep an eye on your new employee. In the beginning, stop by their desk several times per day to see how things are going. When they become more comfortable, you can ease up a bit, but don’t leave them in the dark. Knowing you care means a lot and will increase their early level of job satisfaction.

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