Every job requires candidates with different skill sets, but hiring managers seek many of the same traits across the board. Learn 10 in-demand qualities how to convey them on your resume.

  1. Leadership Skills

Employers want to hire people who lead the pack — not those who stand in the shadows. Make your leadership skills clear on your resume by highlighting projects and other initiatives where you were the point person.

  1. Excellent Communicator

It’s hard to work with someone who has poor communication skills, so make sure your resume is easy to understand. If it doesn’t clearly convey who you are and what you have to offer, you’ll be pushed to the side.

  1. Strong Desire to Learn

Things change quickly in business, so employers want candidates with a hunger for knowledge. Show your desire to learn by listing any relevant certifications or training programs you’ve completed on your resume.

  1. Ability to Work Well With Others

People who can’t get along with their colleagues lower the entire group’s morale. Make it clear you’re easy to work with by noting a few successful group projects you’ve worked on.

  1. Ambitious

Hiring managers want motivated workers who regularly exceed expectations. Quantify achievements on your resume to showcase your level of drive.

  1. Passion for the Work

More than just a job, employers seek candidates who truly care about the work. If you belong to any professional organizations, do relevant volunteer work or have completed any applicable side projects, include this on your resume to show your commitment to the field.

  1. Good Listener

Employers want to hire candidates who listen and follow directions. Show off your listening skills by paying close attention to any instructions included with the job posting and perfectly adhering to them.

  1. Dignity

People who take pride in their work truly care about the outcome. Convey self-respect on your resume by taking the time to submit a flawless document. Those filled with spelling and grammatical errors look sloppy and send the message the person doesn’t care about their reputation.

  1. Eager to Join the Team

Hiring managers know the job they’re filling is special, and they want candidates to feel the same way. Make it clear your sights are set on this specific opportunity — not just any job that will have you — by tailoring your resume to fit the position.

  1. Loyalty

Filling open positions is hard work, so hiring managers want to find a candidate who’s in it for the long haul. If you have a history of company loyalty — i.e., not a job hopper — showcase this by arranging your resume in a traditional reverse chronological format.

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