JC Malone Associates has over 40 years experience providing high caliber, top quality candidates to the automotive industry. We are hired by some of the strongest, most highly respected companies in the world to fill positions ranging from Staff Level Professionals to Vice Presidents. Our clients choose JC Malone Associates to establish quality and credibility of candidates, and to separate excellent from average performers. They seek out only the brightest and most talented professionals in their respective fields.

Let JC Malone Associates help you find the best candidate to complement your high performance team. With an industry leading guarantee, we will be a true partner in your workforce hiring success.

JC Malone Associates is an Executive Performance Selection Firm that:

Keeps technical standards high while ensuring corporate culture doesn’t get altered by outside intelligence.

Is capable of conducting technical evaluations that produce more predictability in retention and performance than typical managers can.

Separates professionals from the crowd that clearly stand out in the top 20% of their field, our opinions confirmed by their peers.

Top Clients

JC Malone Associates works with top tier client partners that have an interest in continually staying ware of the industry’s finest professionals. They are industry leaders because they hire only the most talented and capable professionals in their fields. Our clients choose JC Malone to protect them from making bad hires, refusing to compromise their hiring standards.

The criteria we use to target clients is two-fold:

1.The company has made the same commitment to excellence in the staff they hire as our company has in the professionals we recruit; and

2.They possess a strong reputation in the industry. We are client driven. JC Malone Associates is not in the business of finding people jobs; we are in the business of isolating only the strongest professionals for our clients.

Exceptional Candidates

Studies have proven that there is a direct correlation between individuals answering ads and lower skill levels. High performance candidates are generally buried in excellence and not actively searching for new employment, however, most of them will keep their ears open to strong opportunities. Those are the candidates that we provide. Malone chooses to represent high performance individuals that provide immediate impact to our client’s revenue, process improvements, and quality metrics.

Using a premiere application of Boolean logic, JC Malone Associates finds hidden talent that will cost justify their placement. These ROI Candidates will prove to be worth the investment that it takes to find them. It is better to invest in quality once than to pay for inadequate skills and replacements continually.

Proven Sourcing

JC Malone Associates’ sourcing techniques take the concept of gathering data to a level that not only affects business performance, but facilitates consumer intelligence in every day affairs. Our recruiters have completed an elite level of study and simply put, can find anyone, anywhere or anything on the internet. With this skill set, we out-perform 99% of internet sourcers globally.



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