It’s no secret that a skilled engineer is a brilliant math and science whiz, but that’s not all it takes to excel in the role. The best engineers have a strong technical know-how, combined with a bright personality, making them a well-rounded catch.

Searching for a new engineer for your team? A candidate might look solid on paper, but if they lack the right qualities, move on to the next.

7 Traits of a Top Engineer

  1. Excellent Communicator

Engineers essentially have their own language. Unless you’re fluent in this highly technical lingo, it can be difficult to understand. The best professionals get this and always translate their explanations to laymen’s terms when speaking to a non-engineer crowd.

  1. Great Team Player

Much of an engineer’s work is completed as part of a group, so they must get along with others. This means having an ability to collaborate well with fellow engineers and people from various departments in the company.

  1. Creative Thinker

Engineers need to be inventive enough to find a unique solution to get a project done on time and according to budget. Every issue doesn’t have a tried-and-true solution, so anyone not able to think outside the box won’t work.

  1. Meticulously Organized

Every project has numerous components, so engineers must be able to maintain order. An ability to keep track of everything from deadlines to important documents is a must.

  1. Hard Worker

Being an engineer isn’t an easy job. The best hires take their assignments seriously and don’t bat an eye over working through lunch or staying late to meet a deadline.

  1. Detail-Oriented

Perfectionists of sorts, skilled engineers don’t like to make mistakes. They obsess over the slightest details, because they know even a small mishap can throw a wrench in a project.

  1. Skilled Problem-Solver

Things don’t always go according to plan, but outstanding engineers can always be counted on to come through in a pinch. No problem is too big for them to solve. But rest-assured, they’ll keep working until everything is under control.

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