Making mistakes doesn’t feel great, but no one is perfect. While disappointing, missteps are valuable learning opportunities. In fact, failure is largely considered one of the best drivers of growth. Therefore, it’s not the number of mistakes you make that matters, it’s how you handle them.

If you’re feeling down because of a failed initiative, it’s time to look on the bright side. Use these tips to really get something from the experience.

Own It

When a project fails, it’s easy to point fingers at others, but that solves nothing. Passing the blame is wrong and it makes you more vulnerable to future failures. If you’re unwilling to admit your mistakes, you’ll just keep making them, so hold yourself accountable.

Not only is this the responsible thing to do, it will also make you a better team player. Working with someone who won’t admit their mistakes is frustrating and often leads to conflict.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Once you’ve assumed responsibility for the mistake, figure out what went wrong. Careless errors will likely be simple to spot, while complex issues could take longer to pinpoint.

During this process, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re confused as to why things went astray, ask your colleagues to weigh in. Keep searching until you’re certain about what happened, because anything else all but ensures you’ll make the same mistake again.

Focus on Growth

After determining what went wrong, find a way to fix the problem. For example, if you made a careless error because you had too much on your plate, ask other team members to assist with your next attempt.

Mistakes are only a waste of time if you don’t learn from them. When you view them as a chance to expand your knowledge base, you become wiser, and a greater asset to the team.

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