Everything rises and falls on leadership

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” This is a quote from world –renowned leadership expert John Maxwell.  So what exactly does that mean?  It means that there is a direct correlation between leadership and how productive your team will be.  There is a relationship between leadership and the success or failure of any operation.  It also insinuates that there is a connection between leadership and how much profit your company will make. With leadership being so impactful then it becomes imperative that our leaders are strong.

But what is a leader?

Does ones title or position make them a leader by default?  Do you gain leadership attributes by reading books, attending seminars, or through experience?  I’ve come to agree with the definition of leadership as defined in The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell.  In it he states that “Leadership is influence…nothing more, nothing less.  With this revelation then who are your true leaders?  Is it the management team or the production crew?  Is it the CEO or the janitor?  Is it the company president or the lead operator?  The truth of the matter is that it is all of them.

Everyone has influence therefore, everyone is a leader.

The question to be answered then is what type of influence do people carry?  Influence can either be positive or negative. No matter what decisions are made by the elite, the effective execution relies on the influence of the people on your team, without regards to where they may fall in the organizational hierarchy.  The people on the shop floor have the influence to either help or hinder company objectives.  Buy-in is necessary.  Be sure to recognize those influential team members and utilize them in furthering the agenda.  Leadership in manufacturing is imperative to the success of any organization.  More importantly, only by recognizing the true leaders will you ever thrive.


Author Bio:

Viedra Sullivan is an HR professional with over 20+ years of experience in training and development.  She is the owner and chief consulting officer of Northbound 7, LLC.  For more information and to contact her please visit the website at JC Malone Associates invited Viedra to write for the Manufacturer’s Blog due to her long-standing expertise and excellence within her field.

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