Search the word “millennials” in a search engine and get ready to cringe. Article after article will highlight the worst aspects of those 30 and younger. For decades, each generation has been critical of the following generation. We can all take a moment to appreciate what good the millennials are bringing to the workforce.

Millennials Know How to Sell the Most

Research conducted by Payment Source discovered that millennials spend more money than all other consumers combined. Though this margin is relatively small, companies must react to the current market and meet the law of supply and demand. How can this be done? Seems like every week there is a “new trend” and it is impossible for marketers to keep up with. This is not the case, and any millennial can tell you why. Each generation has been brought up in a different world then the previous years. The social and main stream media, education systems, and social norms of society shape the thoughts and behaviors of each generation. To sell to millennials, you must think like a millennial!

Millennials Can Influence More People

Yes, every millennial may live with an electronic device attached to them at every waking moment, but take a moment to see the opportunity. What other generation has been able to build networks with millions of followers on a $0 budget? They have crafted a new industry that generates big money and comes with influence. The principles of marketing have remained the same for many years, but the channels of communication are rapidly changing. We don’t listen to cassette tapes anymore, but we listen to much of the same music. We can all stand firm the absolutes of sales and marketing, but we must be flexible enough to change our outlet.

Millennials Dress Better

Notice any changes in dress code at work recently. Thousands of companies have taken an innovative approach to business attire. Your favorite day of the week, casual Friday, just became much sweeter when it becomes every day. The way a person dresses effects their attitude and the quality of work. Millennials have brought a fresh approach to dressing presentable yet comfortable each day.


The best manufacturing recruiters in the industry are seeking young talent that can bring a fresh perspective to the tried and true principles of best business practices. Each generation brings a uniquely contributes to build up the manufacturing industry. Share with us what millennials (or any generation) has added to your company. We would love to hear from you!

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