In the past, an inside connection was the only way job seekers could catch a glimpse of life at a potential employer. These days, it’s much easier, thanks to review sites like Glassdoor and Yelp. Prior to applying for a job, savvy candidates scour the internet searching for clues on everything from how the company treats employees and customers to its charitable giving.

Top talent wants to work for a company with a good reputation. If your online presence gives another impression, don’t expect to attract the best candidates. Since your standing holds a great deal of weight, it needs to be closely monitored. Follow these tips to build a shining image for your company — and keep it that way.

4 Ways to Build a Winning Online Reputation

  1. Share Positive Content

Give job seekers a glimpse at the inner workings of your company by posting regular updates on your social media accounts and blog. Share pictures of fun team outings, posts about new projects in motion, and details of any charitable work sponsored by the organization. This presents you as a kind and generous employer focused on more than just your bottom line.

  1. Be Kind to Others

If your company has Yelp page, it’s very possible every review isn’t favorable. While it might be tempting to bite back at rude reviewers, don’t do it. Yelling at customers impresses no one, so simply apologize to the person for their poor experience and offer a firm promise it won’t happen again. Ask satisfied customers to share a review, so most posts will be favorable.

  1. Make Employees Brand Evangelicals

More than anything, job seekers want validation from your employees, so put them to work. Empower your team to share positive experiences about working at your company on their social media accounts. This can include anything from Instagramming pictures of a party in the breakroom to tweeting about their fantastic day at the office.

  1. Spread Kindness in Your Community

Make no mistake, giving back to your local community should come from the heart — not a desire for online praise. However, it’s worth noting that good deeds tend not to go unspoken, so get your company involved in the neighborhood. Sponsor a Little League team, hold a fundraiser for a great local cause or round-up the team for a day of volunteering. You’ll feel great about the outcome and your good deeds will catch up to you online.

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