If you want to take your automotive company to the top — and of course you do — you need to staff your team with industry-leading talent. The only problem is, this is much easier said than done. You’re vying with your competitors for the same candidates, so you need a secret weapon.

Working with a staffing firm is a great way to find talented individuals, but the automotive industry is a unique space. To get the best, you need to join forces with a staffing partner that specializes in the field.

3 Benefits of a Specialized Staffing Partnership

  1. Recruiters Understand Your Niche

Properly filling positions you don’t really understand is impossible. You need a recruiter who truly understands the difference between a tooling engineer and a process engineer, so they can present you with the best possible candidates. Most recruiters have no idea what a tool & die maker or a robotic controls technician does, so it’s impossible for them to accurately screen candidates.

  1. Gain Access to Passive Candidates

Any recruiter worth their placement fee has a large talent network, but this is irrelevant if most candidates aren’t automotive professionals. Conversely, when you work with a firm that specializes in the field, their entire talent base is automotive candidates. Some will be actively searching for new opportunities, but many will be passive candidates you otherwise never would’ve connected with.

  1. Save Time and Money

Juggling the hiring process with all the other responsibilities on your plate can be incredibly cumbersome. You can’t focus all your efforts on hiring when you’re still trying to do your main job. This is a non-issue when you have a trusted staffing partner, because you can count on them to handle most hiring duties on your behalf. Streamlining the process decreases your time-to-fill, allowing you to have a talented automotive professional in place much faster than anticipated. This will save your company money and free your team from the burden of being short-staffed.

Finding top automotive and engineering talent is tough, so leave the work to JC Malone. Our recruiters take great pride in finding the best candidates for the job, and always focus on quality over quantity. Whether you’re searching for an executive or a staff-level professional, contact us today to discuss your needs!

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