Finding a recruiting firm that fits the needs of your company is difficult to find these days. Can anyone really find a recruiting agency that understands their industry? Will that agency value the quality and speed of the process? We believe such a company exists! Perhaps many agencies exist, but it is all about asking the right questions. Continuing read to learn what you need to be looking for in a recruiting partner and the questions you need to be asking.

Stay in Your Niche Market

Every industry is unique and carries its own set of rules to play by and understand. Consider the recruiting agency that already demonstrates expertise in that industry. Research the stability of the company and its long-standing history in the community and abroad. Anyone can claim to be an expert, but it is worth 5-10 minutes of company research up front to save thousands of dollars and possible months of wasted time on a novice recruiting agency.

Connect with a Powerhouse

Partner with a recruiting agency that has industry connections and a wide pool of viable candidates. This shows two key factors 1) the company is trusted by other, larger corporations in the industry and 2) most of the candidates see this company as the authority in the market. Next, ensure that the agency is able to take on the volume of hires that you need within the time restrictions. Ask about previous experiences and timelines.

Ask Yourself

Get the right answers by asking the right questions. The first recruiting agency a company uses does not indicate that it is the best agency. Consider asking yourself the following questions.

Is your talent acquisition partner:

  1. Constantly investing in new technology and skills for their team?
  2. Giving you Predictive Index assessments for your openings and their candidate submissions?
  3. Using a monthly newsletter with more than 30,000 subscribers and growing?
  4. Capable of developing highly technical sourcing strategies?
  5. Honest with you about your open requisitions and pay rates relative to the current market?
  6. Going through an in depth order intake process with hiring managers and leaders?
  7. Cold calling passive candidates? (gasp!)
  8. An owner firm of a worldwide recruiting network with affiliates in 58 countries and 6 continents?
  9. Developing positive themes and narratives for your company before hitting the open market?


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