Research, research, research is the name of the game when it comes to finding and landing the perfect job. You will only ever get one first impression that will make or break a career opportunity. Put in the time necessary to make sure your first interaction with an employer is one that they cannot turn away. Many people like to complicate the job application process and make it seem like a cryptic code that only some people can ever figure out. The fact is that employers are just like anyone else and are all looking for a few key elements.

Follow the Instructions

Employers typically process dozens, if not hundreds, of applications for just one position. Be sure to make your application and resume easy to review by following the instructions. By only completing certain steps or trying a different approach to submitting your information may hurt your chances of even be reviewed for the position.

Don’t be a Poet

No one is asking you to become a poet, write your resume and cover letter using plain language that is simple to understand. If you feel it is necessary to communicate your writing or project skills then include an attachment. Once you have the wording down, go back over your resume to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

This goes back to first impressions. Making simple mistakes due to lack of attention to detail leaves the employer questioning your reliability to accurately complete company tasks. No need to be a grammar wiz! Use Microsoft Word or a spell check feature online to help you proof read.


This is possibly the most important process of job hunting! Research the company to learn their culture beyond the job description. Use their company terminology and incorporate common values that you share with the company. Make yourself the perfect fit by lining up your experience and skills with what the company needs. The cover letter is a great place to personalize your unique fit within the company.

Keep it Simple

Remember, employers are only looking at each resume on average for 6 seconds each. Use active voice verbs at the beginning of each line to highlight your accomplishments rather than responsibilities. Include only information that is relevant to what that company is requiring for that position. Overloading your resume with every detail will only hurt your chances of being selected for an interview.

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