Preparing for a job interview is both exciting and nerve-wracking. As an experienced professional, you’ve been on many rounds of interviews, so you know the importance of dressing to impress, arriving on time and bringing extra copies of your resume. However, there’s plenty of other subtle mistakes that could cost you the job.

Bringing a Drink With You

Getting a caffeine boost before the interview might be a good idea, but finish your drink and throw your cup away before you arrive. Carrying too much stuff into an interview is awkward and you need to be able to shake hands with the interviewer. Having a drink to focus on during the interview is distracting, and it leaves you vulnerable for a pretty embarrassing spill.

Rambling on and On

The hiring manager wants to learn about you, but you don’t need to share your life story. Answer all questions as succinctly as possible, without omitting any pertinent details. The last thing you want is for the interviewer to become bored by your long response and stop listening.

Poor Body Language

Sometimes what you don’t say sends a stronger message than the spoken word. A limp handshake, failing to make eye contact and slouching during the interview make you appear weak, untrustworthy and bored. Be cognizant of the manner in which you present yourself, because it could make or break your interview success.

Forgetting to Turn Your Cell Phone Off

When you’re rushing around preparing for an interview, it’s easy to forget your cell phone is still on. Write yourself a note or set a reminder on your phone to turn it off, because having your phone ring mid-interview is an amateur move that will work against you.

Failing to Review Your Resume

Studying your own resume before your job interview may sound a bit ridiculous, yet it’s absolutely necessary. You need to be able to provide examples of past accomplishments without hesitation. If you’ve been in the workforce for quite some time, details of jobs from way back may be a bit fuzzy. Not being able to recall this information may appear you’re being dishonest, and you certainly don’t want that.

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