With unemployment rates dropping to under 5.5% nationally, employees are now able to choose jobs beyond companies’ availability. Employees leverage this power to seek out the invisible qualities in a business, otherwise known as culture. Studies reveal that 54% of people consider work environment the top reason to accept a job. Read below to learn why employees leave and how to be their perfect solution.

Know Why They are Leaving

Number one reason why people leave their job is poor management. Society embraces the individualism and emotional expression of employees which places people at odds with the traditional business culture. Employees expect a level of personal satisfaction and fulfillment beyond the work responsibilities. The Big Six Reasons why people look for a new job apart from poor management are instability at work, advancement, work/life balance, more money, unemployed. People will express these reasons in diverse ways, but the root cause often stems back to these big six reasons. When talking with the employee, identify their reason for wanting to leave.

Identify a Company Match

Build rapport with candidate by discussing Children, Occupation, Recreation, and Entertainment (CORE). People will unknowingly expound more about what they care about the most. You will need this information to identify their needs, desires, and dreams. Candidates who talk about being involved in a family/community projects would be a good match to a company with a work/life balance and a keen sense of corporate responsibility. Do not spend more than a couple minutes on personal matters.

Aggravate their Needs

You can sell a job all day long, but until the candidate expresses their own discontentment and need for change, it is not possible to close the deal. Lead the candidate to the conclusion through probing questions that identify their needs. Engage responses about job satisfaction, potential advancement, company culture, compensation, and support. Ask questions like, “Are there opportunities within your company to grow your career?” “Do you find yourself loving what you do each day and being fulfilled?”

Two conclusions will be drawn from this discussion that are significant to both parties: 1) the candidate is fully satisfied and happy with their position and would not be a good fit at another company, 2) the candidate recognizes their desire for something that is currently lacking in their position and they acknowledge their need for a solution.

Be Their Dream Come True

Provide the perfect solution by matching the candidates desires and values with a company that matches those characteristics. Build the appeal about the business around their needs and how the company matches each qualification needed. This simple process does not work when trying to manipulate a candidate into a placement. Always be honest about the company to match the candidates’ actual goals. Word-of-mouth marketing has always ranked exponentially higher than all other forms of marketing. Post testimonials of candidates expressing their dream come true and just watch the results!

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