When running a business, it is important to fill your open positions with the right people. However, this is easier said than done. Not only is finding the time to dedicate to the hiring process a challenge — knowing how to go about searching for and selecting the best person for the job can feel impossible.

Many companies face similar recruiting challenges. If any of these issues sound familiar, find out how they can be solved quickly and easily by taking on a staffing partner.

Knowing Where to Find Top Talent

When you post an opening on a job board, you probably receive plenty of resumes, but not always the caliber of talent you want. Oftentimes, the best person for the job isn’t actively seeking new opportunities. Recruiters have plenty of passive candidates in their networks willing to make a move if the right job comes along, so a partnership will raise the bar on talent.

Filling Open Positions Quickly

At best, you have two weeks to fill a position when an employee resigns. When managing the hiring process on top of your standard responsibilities, this is barely enough time to update the job description and post it online. However, when you have a staffing partner, they’ll handle everything for you. All you have to do is meet with top contenders and make your pick.

If you need coverage quickly, your recruiter can handle that too. Staffing professionals have networks filled with quality, prescreened candidates ready to work on a moment’s notice.

Gauging Cultural Fit

A candidate might seem incredible on paper, but if their personality doesn’t mesh with your company culture, they won’t last. Any recruiter worth your time will immerse themselves in your organization to learn as much as possible about your culture prior to vetting candidates. As industry professionals, they know exactly how to spot a good cultural fit, so you won’t waste time training someone who just doesn’t fit in.

Competing for Talent With Other Companies

The best and brightest professionals are in hot demand, so you have to be on top of your game to attract them. Recruiters understand what top talent wants, and they know exactly what other leading companies are offering. They can make sure everything from your job description to compensation package is better than your competition, so you can attract the best.

If your company is facing recruiting challenges, allow JC Malone to assist. We won’t stop searching until we’ve found quality, credible automotive and engineering professionals to fill every open position on your team. Contact us today to discuss a partnership!

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