Social media platforms continue to consume the attention of billions of people around the world with 1.15 billion mobile daily active users and 1.74 billion mobile monthly active users. While this online networking platform was once considered strictly for personal use, studies show that businesses are gradually capitalizing on the business features Facebook offers.

The number one site recruiters use for scouting new job seekers is while the number one site job seekers utilize for job placement is Facebook. Less than 40% of job seekers use a LinkedIn account, yet over 80% of the same job seekers use Facebook for employment opportunities. Find out how your business can maximize growth through Facebook.

Think Sales

The vast majority of revenue made by Facebook is done through advertising. In order to recruit the best candidates, exposure is critical. Having a presence on social and professional networking sites is no longer enough to compete in the recruiting industry. Companies must advertise and sell the opportunity to the audience. Recruiting and advertising can be perceived as an unwanted interruption on social networking sites unless a sales approach is taken.

Fill in the Gap

Create a bridge for job seekers to find you by engaging their interaction before requesting the sale. Hyper-targeted ads on Facebook that benefit the customer engage a higher response rate then requesting information from them. Using a customer-focused approach, create content that attracts and retains an audience who follows your content. Less than 15% of employees are actively looking for employment opportunities. Be a constant presence that benefits the potential employee through beneficial advertisements. In return, the bridge of trust and loyalty will lead the customer to your page to seek employment.

Utilize Recruiting Tools

One of Facebook’s most recent advancements is the Job Posting feature on Company Pages. Easy-to-use features allow recruiters to automate job postings directly to their News Feed. Job seekers can click the link attached and apply to the position advertised. Job postings that are meant to remain private can be sent to a Group, another Company Account, or a private message. Once the post is made, Facebook has built in features to boost exposure to the audience that sees the listing to increase engagement.

Embrace Change

In a world where job searching is becoming automated and technology is advancing, recruiters must take advantage of this great opportunity. Everyone has access to these tools, but it is the people skills and social interaction that will sustain employment efforts. You cannot automate the sales component of recruiting. Artificial intelligence may seem like threat to the recruiting industry until the recruiter understands how to manipulate this technology to generate results and multiply their leads. JC Malone Associates is dedicated to serving our industry, contact us  for more details how you can maximize social media for your recruiting efforts.

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