It’s nearly impossible to know how you’ll fare in a role if hired, so interviewers try to learn as much as they can about your past performance. Typically viewed as the best indicator of future behavior, digging into your work history helps hiring managers gauge your skills and cultural fit for the job.

Prior to your upcoming interview, expect to answer many questions about your previous jobs. The more prepared you are to handle these inquiries, the better you’ll fare when the pressure is on. Use these three tips to flawlessly explain your work history.

  1. Make it Relevant

Chances are, every job listed on your resume doesn’t directly relate to your current career path — and that’s okay. Regardless of the nature of the position, every job is a learning experience. Find a few relevant takeaways from each opportunity and explain how these shaped you into the talented professional you are today. For example, a previous stint as a call center rep may not seem applicable to the engineering position you’re interviewing for, but it actually is if you explain how this role taught you to be patient and understanding with clients.

  1. Focus on the Positive

Some of the jobs listed on your resume probably haven’t been so great. Maybe you had a bad boss or simply hated the work, and you couldn’t wait to get away from the role. However, a job interview is not the time or place to discuss past employment woes, so put a positive spin on everything. Push your feelings to the side and focus on the good that came from the position. You don’t want the interviewer to think you’re a difficult person.

  1. Be Honest About Employment Gaps

If you try to cover up an employment gap and get caught, the hiring manager will not be impressed. Instead, be upfront about your break from the workforce. There’s no need to go into intimate detail about your temporary employment break; acknowledge it happened and move on.

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