More than just a way for the hiring manager to gauge your fit for the job, an interview is your chance to decide if the position is right for you. Prior to the meeting, spend time preparing responses to common interview questions; however, don’t forget to make a list of your own.

As a talented professional with a lot to offer, you have plenty of room to be selective. Use this opportunity to make sure you’re as impressed with the job as the interviewer is bound to be with you. Don’t be shy about asking the interviewer questions, because candidates who complete a thorough due diligence always stand out — in a good way.

  1. Can you provide an overview of a typical day on the job?

Get a glimpse of a day in your life at this job to see if it suits you. As with most jobs, no two days are identical, but the interviewer should be able to give you a general idea of the amount of time you’ll be spending in meetings, projects you might be working on and other aspects of your day, if hired. Beyond allowing you to gauge your fit, this question also shows the interviewer you’re trying to envision yourself in the job.

  1. What are the biggest challenges associated with the position?

Every job comes with a set of obstacles the selected candidate must overcome, but it’s wise to make sure you’re prepared to handle them. The last thing you want is to accept a job, and quickly realize you’re in way over your head. Take it as a good sign if the interviewer honestly lays key issues out on the table, but be suspicious if they try to pretend the job comes with zero stumbling blocks.

  1. How is success defined and measured?

As an ambitious person, you want a job where you’ll succeed. Of course, every company has a different definition of success, so make sure yours aligns with that of the organization. For example, if you’re a quality engineer, you want to work for a company that cares more about product quality than the quantity produced.

  1. Do you have any hesitations about my fit for the role?

Sure, this question is bold, but it speaks volumes to your self-confidence. This invites the hiring manager to share any uncertainties about your fit for the job, so you can debunk them. Remain poised — even if their comments sting a bit — to demonstrate maturity and poise.

  1. Can you give an overview of the company culture?

Company culture can make or break your success in the role, so find out as much as possible. From inquiring about the work environment to office traditions to how much time the team spends together outside the office, every detail can help you determine if this is the right place for you.

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