A job search is rarely without obstacles, so if you’re pursuing opportunities you’re overqualified for, be prepared to explain yourself. In theory, it seems like it would be easier to land a job you’re more than equipped to handle, but this makes many employers suspicious. No one wants to hire a candidate who seems amazing, but actually proves too good to be true when they treat the job as a temporary payday until something better comes along.

If you’re searching for a job below your skill, experience and education level, learn how to prove you’re in it for the right reasons.

  1. Highlight Your Passion

If you’ve decided to pursue a job you’re more than qualified to handle, it’s probably because you truly enjoy the work. Explain in your cover letter and during the interview that you’ve held positions of a higher level, but they didn’t fulfill you the way this type of work did. Hiring managers know the job they’re trying to fill is fantastic, they just want to hear it from you.

  1. Make Your Expectations Clear

Many companies steer clear of overqualified candidates, because they assume everything from their salary expectations to their perception of the job is skewed, so make it clear you’re on the same page. Immediately steer the conversation toward these topics to inform the hiring manager you understand the responsibilities associated with the job and you don’t expect to receive a salary off the pay scale.

  1. Focus on Loyalty

Hiring managers want to hire a candidate who will stay in the job for the foreseeable future, so prove your loyalty. If you’ve enjoyed a long tenure with previous employers, use this to market yourself as a loyal employee who doesn’t job hop.

  1. Agree to a Contract

If you don’t have a substantial history with a previous employer or the hiring manager still seems unsure about your intentions, offer to sign a contract ensuring you’ll stay in the job for a certain period of time. Though not standard procedure at most companies, this proves you really have no plans to head elsewhere.

  1. Emphasize Your Value

Unlike many other applicants, you have more than enough experience to excel at the job, so explain the value you can bring to the team. In addition to excelling at the job, you can take on other responsibilities, mentor younger team members and use your wealth of expertise to help the company become stronger than ever.

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