Chances are, you’re one of the more than 467 million people with a LinkedIn account. Since it’s official launch in 2003, the social networking site has become a leading platform for professionals to network with others in more than 200 countries and territories. Of course, if your profile is only partially complete and your presence is largely dormant, it’s essentially useless.

When searching for candidates, recruiters enter certain terms to find results, so the more information you provide, the better. LinkedIn actually has a profile strength rating on the top right of your profile page that measures its effectiveness. Largely based on the completeness of your profile, if yours is anything less than “all-star,” you have some work to do.

5 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. Add a Professional Photo

Put a face to your name by adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile. Not only does this give it a more polished look, it also adds a sense of legitimacy. In fact, many recruiters don’t even bother looking at profiles without photos. If you have a professional headshot, use that. Otherwise, dress professionally and ask someone to take a photo of you standing in front of a plain surface, such as a white wall. This platform is all business, so save the fun profile photos for Facebook.

  1. Complete All Sections

To reiterate, your chances of appearing in search results increase with every piece of information provided in your profile, so there’s no such thing as including too much. Don’t just complete the obvious experience and education sections — provide details on your volunteer experience, professional organizations, projects you’re proud of, courses you’ve taken, and any publications you’ve been featured in or contributed to.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

Reach out to current and former managers, colleagues, clients, professors and classmates and ask them to write a LinkedIn recommendation for you. These are prominently featured on your profile, so anyone who visits your page will be greeted with glowing reviews.

  1. List Your Skills and Offer Endorsements

Somewhat of a less comprehensive version of recommendations, your LinkedIn profile contains a space for you to list your skills and have other people endorse you. If you’re uncomfortable directly asking people for endorsements, simply go through your contacts and endorse them for skills you know they have and there’s a very good chance they’ll return the favor.

  1. Publish Regular Updates

There are two ways to share content on LinkedIn — simply posting a status update or using the site’s publishing platform to write a blog post. Use either or both to share content at least weekly, helping you stay in your contacts’ newsfeeds. If people appreciate what they see, they’ll like it, add a comment or share it with their own network, further increasing your span.

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