Even if they’re only employed for a short period of time, engineers and IT professionals can have a major impact on your company–especially in the automotive industry. Consequently, hiring decisions need to be taken very seriously — even for contract employees.

During their tenure at your business, contractors represent your organization and work alongside your core team. You need people who take pride in their work and blend in with the rest of your employees, to keep operations running smoothly. Therefore, you must make sure every contract engineer and IT worker you hire embodies these four traits.

As a top automotive staffing agency, here are key traits we look for when recruiting automotive professionals:

Excellent Communicator

To say IT and engineering terms are complex is an understatement at best. You need automotive contractors who are comfortable communicating in the language unique to these professions, who also have the ability to explain complicated terms to people in other departments, in a manner that’s easy to understand.

Team Player

Both IT and engineering are highly collaborative fields, so it’s important to hire contract employees who work well with others. People who prefer solo projects or want to take all the glory from team successes for themselves won’t last in an atmosphere driven by teamwork. Successful candidates enjoy working with others and respect the value each of their colleagues brings to the group.

Quick Thinker

Companies are powered by engineering and IT processes, so when issues arise, it’s important to know you have a group of creative, quick thinkers ready to spring into action. Contractors uncomfortable taking risks and deviating from standard operating procedures won’t be much help to a team trying to get a crisis under control immediately.

Strong Business Acumen

Rather than operating as their own entity, your IT and engineering departments are part of your company, so all work completed by employees must make sense for the business as a whole. You need contract workers who understand the importance of adhering to budgets, planning for the future, and aligning all projects with business goals.

Recruit Automotive Superstars

Need a little help with automotive recruiting? Trying to find the right engineering and automotive workers to join your team? At JC Malone, we know quality takes precedence over quantity, so you can count on us to present you with only candidates of the highest caliber. Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn how we can be of assistance!

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