The job search process used to intimidate you, but many years and multiple jobs later, you’re cool as a cucumber. Knowing the ropes of the search process is certainly reassuring, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to mistakes. In fact, when you lower your guard too much, you become vulnerable to common errors that will keep you from getting hired.

Many seasoned job seekers make the mistakes below, so use this guide to clean up your act so you don’t join the ranks.

  1. Submitting a Generic Resume

Applying to every job on your radar with the same resume used to be a perfectly acceptable tactic, but this is no longer the case. If you want to make it past keyword scanners and discerning hiring managers, take time to customize your resume for every single position. This will require an extra time commitment on your part, but if you want the job, you’ll make the sacrifice.

  1. Failing to Sell Relevant Accomplishments

You’ve garnered some very big professional achievements, so don’t forget to share them on your resume and during the interview. Instead of focusing solely on describing the responsibilities associated with your current job and past positions, explain the top successes you’ve realized while completing these duties. For example, if you’re a warehouse manager tasked with hiring new employees, mention that you’ve increased your company’s retention rate from 60 percent to an all-time high of 95 percent.

  1. Asking too Few Questions

Prior to a job interview, you prepare to be asked dozens of questions; however, you also need to be ready to pose some pointed inquiries of your own. Focusing on surface-level questions surrounding salary and vacation days or not asking any at all makes it seem like you just want a job — any job — which doesn’t make the kind of impression that gets you hired. Instead, cover topics like ways the position will evolve in the next few years or exciting projects the chosen candidate will get to work on.

  1. Revealing too Much on Social Media

Dealing with social media is a relatively new job-search hurdle. If you’ve been off the market for awhile, this may be the first time you’re faced with it. Make sure all accounts you share private information on — i.e., vacation photos and rants about your favorite television shows — are on lockdown, because employers only need to see your professional side. Hiring managers will search for you on social media and if your posts offend them or you’re deemed an oversharer, you may not be called in for an interview.

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