It’s only natural to want the best possible candidates to fill open positions on your roster, but if you’re filtering out those with a less-than-perfect track record, you’re missing out. On the surface, it may seem best to hire only the most polished professionals, but these people don’t have what it takes to push your company to the top.

Simply put, failure is a part of life. No one is perfect, but only the bravest, most driven people are willing to break free from their safety net and take a chance. If you’ve been steering clear of those with a storied past, it’s time to re-think your hiring plan. Candidates who have tried and failed are often the best option for many reasons, including their desire to get their hands dirty and work.

They’re Self-Aware

Failure is an incredibly humbling experience. Those who have experienced a major professional letdown accept the fact they’re not perfect and they don’t know everything. The fact that they’re owning their mistakes is incredibly telling, proving they’re fully accountable for their actions and willing take responsibility for the outcome — even when results are far from ideal.

Your Team Needs Risk-Takers

Pushing boundaries is the only way for your company to get ahead, but weak-minded employees can’t handle the heat. Conversely, candidates who have tried and failed clearly aren’t afraid to take a risk. They know the work they’re doing could very easily fail, but they’re willing to put themselves out there and see what happens.

It’s the Ultimate Learning Experience

Failure isn’t fun, but it comes with a set of valuable learning experiences. When people use this as an opportunity to grow, they come back stronger than ever. Success rarely comes easy, so it’s often necessary to keep trying and failing to finally reach the desired outcome. The lessons garnered along the way make the person an invaluable asset to your team.

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